​​​​​​​​​​​Energy Work – Phone – Video – In Person

Balance is needed in physical and emotional health. Reiki is a health increasing system that promotes balance in the body, mind and spirit for your best overall function. Reiki Energy Work stimulates the natural restorative processes of the body to improve health, help control pain, discomfort, anxiety and stress. Reiki Energy Work may also increase the effects of traditional medical treatments. 

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Coaching – Phone – Video – In Person

Collaborating with individuals to discover, create and reach goals. Coaching creates a sacred space for building self-confidence, maximizing potential and establishing clarity in forward movement with a complete commitment to your goals.

Spiritual Coaching

​With attention to detail, love, and compassion No matter your base faith, I offer support through discovery and exploration. Collaborating with you to bring strength of foundation to your spiritual life, whatever that maybe. As an Ordained Minister I can also offer in Memoriam services and sevices for Weddings.

Energy Therapy ~ Life Coaching

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