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Journey for Change Series
Clarity for Your Future

A Six Session journey designed by me, directed by YOU.

We begin by becoming better acquainted with your thoughts, perspectives and underlying beliefs around the area you want to see changed. Exploring what holds you back or makes you feel stuck. I will email/text a question(s) for you to answer for yourself. These questions will be sent at days and times we determine work best for you. Then when we meet one to one we will look at the questions and the answers together. Discovering what needs to change and recognizing how some items might be holding you back.

Together we will collaborate to create targets for you to reach a long with developing structures within your life that help you to obtain and maintain these targets. I will be present for you through email/text anytime and at each of the six 50 min sessions you schedule at your convenience.

Journey for Change - Designed by me, directed by you. Pricing is flexible.

Save me I'm Dating Again Series
How to help yourself through the dating process.

A Ten Session series designed by me, directed by YOU.

Together we will look at where you have been, what you believe about dating and what you expectations have created for you in the past. We will look at the underlying beliefs and perspectives that can lead to creating repetitive behaviors which often leave us stuck and feeling like nothing will ever be different. We then begin to explore what you really want in your life and in your relationships. Then we prioritize these wants and needs.  Once we understand what the wants and needs and have created an idea of priority, we can begin structures and strategies for obtaining them. After braining storming structures and strategies you will try them out and see how they will work for you. We will come back together and evaluate what needs to change for you to reach your goals and make sure there is stability in how this program works.

You will create healthy relationships for today, tomorrow and beyond. 

Save Me I' Dating Again - Designed by me, directed by you. Pricing is flexible.

Energy Therapy ~ Life Coaching

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Reiki All Levels
One to One Mentorship
Designed by Ann Marie, Directed by You

The Mentorship includes:
One to One Session(s) (1 Hour)
Attunements to levels one and/or two of Reiki
Coaching in and around reiki, how it works for self-care and family care
A manual for the Ancient Healing Art

Through this mentorship you will become more aware of the energy already within you. You will study the origins of Reiki, how it works and how to use it. You will come to understand and use this energy for yourself, those you care for and any living thing that wishes to receive the energy. You will begin to open your intuition, your connection to the universe. You will begin to use this connection and share it as well. Energy Therapy is meant for all.

Pricing is Flexible ask about Scholarships, personal sessions and Reiki Master/Teacher Training